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About Us

Integrated structure system for importing raw materials, food processing, and distribution. High Quality, Low Cost

Guaranteed traceability

IPS Foods, Inc. was established in response to the growing consumer demand for seasonings and extract products in the country. Partnering with the largest state enterprise in China (an ISO9001 certified company), IPS Foods utilizes safe and fresh ingredients, state of the art technology and an integrated production system to produce quality processed food products such as packed meats, seasonings, and breadings.

Japan-made facilities and machinery

IPS Foods is committed to efficiency, and as such, all its major equipment such as vacuum concentration machines, centrifugal separators, semi-automatic filling machines, and metal detectors are of A-1 quality as they are originally made in Japan.

Japanese engineers ensure quality control

Japanese engineers ensure quality output in the field, being well trained in being able to purchase fresh materials by bulk as well as in the other advantages of the integrated production system.

Business outline

  • We manufacture quality powder and paste products from a variety of pork, chicken and meat extracts that exceed international customer standards.
  • Our seasonings and extract products go through a meticulous manufacturing process that involves both pressurized and pressure-less extraction and enzymatic degradation.
  • An ISO9001 certified company in China ensures traceability by checking the integrated production system as well as raw materials. This includes breeding, rearing management, butchering, and testing.
  • The China Meat Association assures the high quality of the purchased cattle and swine raw materials.
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